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How to blend project management into a business model, April 13, 2006
By D. Donovan, Editor/Sr. Reviewer "California Bookwatch" (California, USA)

Enzo Frigenti and Dennis Comninos' THE PRACTICE OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT: A GUIDE TO THE BUSINESS-FOCUSED APPROACH illustrates just why a different project management approach is needed to blend project management into part of the business. From helping organizations make changes to blending project management into a broader business perspective, this isn't your usual project management guide, but more a bible on how to blend project management objectives into overall business structures for added effectiveness. From project organization to workshop models and results, THE PRACTICE OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT will also make a fine classroom text for business courses.

Broad Industry Project Management, March 10, 2004
By Hein Aucamp (Adelaide, Australia)

Enzo Frigenti and Dennis Comninos have consulted to industry before writing this book. They have extensive practical experience, and they command wide respect. They have managed a large range of project types, including ones as soft as social change in third world countries. I have had the privilege of attending a course by Dennis Comninos, and I have seen the practical wisdom in the authors' approach. After starting to read the book, I find that wisdom repeated.

Frigenti and Comninos bring their experience to bear in this book, in which they discuss an organisation-wide application of project management principles. The case studies in the book will at times seem autobiographical to anyone involved in project management, especially in organisations with limited project management maturity.

A simplistic approach to project management (one which the book avoids) involves transferring techniques from construction projects to softer areas such as IT and expecting the process to work.

From page 129: Because of its strong focus on results or objectives, ODPM™ [Objective Directed Project Management] can be and is being effectively used to plan and manage 'fuzzy' projects that do not respond well to the more scientific project management tools, techniques and processes. Such 'fuzzy' projects commonly exist in business, information technology, human resources and culture change or transformation projects.

I strongly recommend this book. Even the case studies will alert you to possible unforseen problems when you are planning a project.

From the Institute of Asset Management (IAM)'s Journal Nov/Dec 2002

Review of "The Practice of Project Management" by Ray Moorcroft MinstAM

Like most managers I have 'done' projects for many years: like most managers, I have retrospectively viewed each completed project as 'O.K., but…'

In other words, I always felt I could have done better, but most project management texts tend to favour one particular method, and the model never quite fitted what I wanted. The first key feature of The Practice of Project Management is the objective presentation of a range of techniques and honest assessments of their strengths and weaknesses.

Enzo Frigenti and Dennis Comninos have used their experiences, but have supplemented these with (freely admitted) borrowings of other approaches. They have managed to make the topic seem seductively easy by constructing a framework which helps the reader make sense of the processes involved. However, the second and unique discerning feature is the one that makes this book different. They link the process 'building blocks' of project management with the concepts of what they call BFPM™ (Business Focussed Project Management) and ODPM™ (Objective Directed Project Management). The authors clearly state (repeatedly) that the objective of Project Management is "to add value…and contribute to the organisation's bottom line or service delivery". I certainly intend to use this approach to demonstrate competence and build stakeholder confidence.

The practical approach gives the reader confidence that the book really will help turn strategy into reality. I particularly liked the 'Wrappers™ Model' as an all-encompassing integrative approach which "enhances the business understanding of projects", but also thought that the detailed guidelines for implementation of the model were beneficial. This is something other business authors would do well to emulate: any new model needs to be explored in detail - readers should not be left to 'second-guess' the author's intentions! The case studies serve a useful purpose here, with scenarios familiar to most readers.

My only slight criticism was that occasionally this detail obscures the key point - but better too much information than too little.

All in all, a well written, but not simplistic read, and one that I'm sure, will become a standard reference text in this area.

From "Management Services" December 2002

A business focused approach to project management
Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning Company.

Traditional project management has tended to focus primarily on the processes of managing projects to successful completion. But to manage projects from their inception through to actual delivery of the business enabling objectives, a different project management approach is needed. Project management needs to become part of the business and, in order to achieve this, organisations need to come to terms with the business of project management.

The Practice of Project Management published by Kogan Page in September 2002, addresses the concepts and issues of business management. It aims to assist organisations in making the shift from a narrow, strong, technical focus on project management to a broader, more business-oriented focus.

The Practice of Project Management introduces three basic concepts that underpin the philosophy of the business-focused approach: Business Focused Project Management (BFPM™); The Wrappers™ model; and Objective Directed Project Management (ODPM™).

Packed with unique concepts, processes and models, this comprehensive title will assist anyone who is responsible for converting strategy into reality. It will also enable the development of project management skills to complement technical expertise, and allow readers to provide the project skills their customers demand.

The Practice of Project Management - a guide to the business-focused approach by Enzo Frigenti and Dennis Comninos is available at L40 paperback, ISBN 0 7494 3694 8, 416 pages, from all good book bookshops or direct from the publishers: Kogan Page, 120 Pentonville Road, London N1 9JN. Alternatively telephone: 020 7278 0433 fax: 020 7837 6348, or email: or order online at:

From Project November 2002

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