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The multitude of changes in technology and the marketplace experienced by most organisations in business today have created enormous strains upon existing resources such as time, money, staff and materials. Organisations, now more than ever before, need to make optimum use of existing resources in order to achieve their business objectives and satisfy their customers.

Project Management is the key to meeting these challenges as it provides a structured uniform process for planning, controlling and successfully completing every task undertaken by an organisation today. The need for project management training is unquestioned, yet most incumbent and aspirant project managers find it impractical to get away from work to attend training courses. A solution to the problem is to provide education and training as a practical distance learning course.

The programme is designed to be practical. Over and above self marked concept tests, case study interpretations (incidents) and assignments, which form an integral part of the programme, candidates also apply the knowledge and skills obtained to a real project chosen by them and approved by their sponsors. This assignment project forms an integral part of the candidate's evaluation and ensures that both candidate and sponsor obtain benefits.

The tutors and programme authors are all experienced project management practitioners as well as educators. The programme material, combined with the interactive and experiential nature of the optional workshop provides the student with a practical view of Project Management supported by the relevant theory. The practical course which was developed in South Africa, has been offered successfully both locally and internationally for the past 11 years.

The distance learning programme is provided and administered by
the Academy of York

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