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Project administration is the key to maintaining control on any project. It is essential that administration is done in an orderly and consistent manner and that documentation standards are maintained. An effective Project Administrator needs to be capable of applying general office administration procedures as well as be able to understand all the tools and techniques used in Project Management. This is required in order to assist the Project Manager and project team with the administrative load.

This intensive 3-day course will provide a solid understanding of all the documents that need to be completed and filed as well as the processes, tools, and techniques that need to be applied by all on a project. On completion of this course, the delegate will be able to contribute to the success of a project by ensuring that the day-to-day administration is effectively performed. The delegate will be able to take on the task of being the central administration support person on a project.

The course is presented as a balanced mixture of theory, discussion, and practical sessions. Practical work is done on a case study and suggested solutions are provided. Various videos are used to reinforce the basic PM principles and concepts.

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