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In today’s turbulent and complex environment, the ability to manage and achieve significant organisational goals has become a core skill for senior managers. A successful project happens because of four distinct components. First, it was the right project. Second, the organisation supported it. Third, the project was well defined and planned. Finally, it was executed well. Most courses in project management tend to focus on the last two aspects; this course however focuses more on the first two.

This intensive 5-day programme is designed to equip senior managers with the concepts and skills to enable them to drive value from the execution of strategy through strategic projects. This is a senior-level programme for those who manage a portfolio of projects at a strategic level by focusing on the business aspects of projects within an organisation.

The programme includes topics such as:

  • Strategic Project Management
  • Benefits (value) Realisation
  • Project selection, prioritization, and portfolio management
  • Projects as Programmes
  • Risk management
  • Decision making
  • Change management
  • Project Leadership and the role of senior managers and sponsors on projects
  • Project Management Centres of Excellence, and
  • The selection and development of Project team members.

Strategic Project Management is presented by Dennis Comninos and Chris van der Hoven (Cranfield Business School, UK), both internationally recognized experts and lecturers in the field of strategic and business focused project management.
It is available to be delivered internationally.

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