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The Practice of Project Management: A Guide to the Business-Focused Approach
Authors: Dennis Comninos & Enzo Frigenti
Publishers: Kogan Page

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Brief Description
Traditional project management has tended to focus primarily on the processes of managing projects to successful completion. To manage projects from their inception through to actual delivery of the business-enabling objectives, a different project management approach is needed. Project management needs to become part of the business. This book addresses the concepts and issues of business project management. It aims to assist organizations in making the shift from a narrow, strong, technical focus on project management to a broader, more business-oriented focus. "The Practice of Project Management" introduces three basic concepts which underpin the philosophy of the business-oriented approach: Business Focused Project Management (BFPM) which takes an organization-wide view; The Wrappers Model and Objective Directed Project Management (ODPM) both of which provide the philosophies, processes, concepts, and tools used to enable BFPM.

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